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Finally! decided to give it another try after playing it in 2013 and I beat every level xD I think I beat most of them in a way not intended by the developer though.

Holy shit, this game was out in 2012, I'm sad now :(
This was a really neat idea, perfect music, sweet memories.
kudos Mattster et Mike!

Mattster responds:

It's hard to believe it's almost been 3 years!

Simple, yet brilliant!
Its a pretty fun game, albeit short.
Its got a good difficulty, not hard, but not a walk in the park. Which is good.

You should follow up with the idea =)
Lasers are awesome.

A large variety, and nice fatalities... knowing that it is your first animation, and that I enjoyed watching it I'd say you did a pretty Good job.
Keep at it.

Had it not been for the lag while combating a hoard of opponents, I would've probably been playing this game non stop on Arena mode.
But alas my machine is not strong enough. Regardless, any complaints are crushed by how awesome this game is.

This, and Madness: Retaliation I think are the best Madness games available !

I'm a survivor !

Intense, intense and awesome gameplay. Highly recommended to anyone.

You should provide a warning.

You should have said at the begining of the game, that we can't replay the game again.

Not everyone checks the Author's comments, and you only gave hints that there is no replay.
I for one would have been more serious in decision making if I knew I that I can't see the other possibilities.

However all and all this is a Unique approach, and an interesting game.

I'm giving you a 8/10 and a 4/5 for not making it clear for the player (Me) before I started the game.

When you said we have only one chance, I don't think anyone thought that we have only one chance to PLAY THE GAME.

Pros and Cons..

well the art was Magnificent , It had some humor in it , and the choice of music was great. And the scenes are funny .


I don't like the Idea of it, Since I like Russia Ukraine and Putin , It is difficult , and repetitive. so I give you 10 - 3 = 7 points

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