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This was delightfully long, wholesome, visually appealing, and fun! A proper cartoon.

Also I had glee when I saw the three stooges reference.

Feeling... Dandy from this. Good feelings all around, thank you!

This was poorly animated, idiotic, raunchy, disgusting, immoral, and distasteful.

I loved it.

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Finally! decided to give it another try after playing it in 2013 and I beat every level xD I think I beat most of them in a way not intended by the developer though.

Holy shit, this game was out in 2012, I'm sad now :(
This was a really neat idea, perfect music, sweet memories.
kudos Mattster et Mike!

Mattster responds:

It's hard to believe it's almost been 3 years!

Simple, yet brilliant!
Its a pretty fun game, albeit short.
Its got a good difficulty, not hard, but not a walk in the park. Which is good.

You should follow up with the idea =)
Lasers are awesome.

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Oh that was brilliant, I love it! Feels like some of the rock from the 90s, with a hint of Arabic music at around 3:00, there are a bunch of themes mixed in together without conflicting which I felt was a nice touch. Fantastic work, would love to hear more, if you'll have the time to make em.

akoRn responds:

hey thanks for the comment. I'm just starts interested into writing and I got lots of influence. Thanks, I also hope I can write more. Cheers :)

This is simply beautiful !
All of your music tracks are amazing!
With regards to this one, at 1:34 the music brings me goose bumps ! my only quarrel with it though is that it abruptly stops at the end, but that is inconsequential.

cheshyre responds:

thank you so much! Goosebumps are the greatest compliment you can give. I'm sorry that the song had to end. There WILL be more...

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wooooo foreshadowing

Love your style man!

Ha! Chad.

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